Have yourself a positive year

First Monday Thoughts.

Happy New Year!

The year has started, and most of us already have plans for the next months. I suppose we did the same last year and the year before.
Every December, we review our resolutions, we check and examine details on what happened or did not happen, what we achieved, the skills we gained, our goals in relationships, job, family, etc.
But the real deal is that we often forget about our spiritual growth, the love, the compassion towards others. We are so focus on material and all sorts of visible things for us than evaluate what we did for others.

Encouragement quote
Encouragement quote

Let do the exercise

What have you done last year that someone is grateful for?
• Did you practice love around you?
• Did you help someone in need?
• Did you share your food or clothes…?
• Did you smile and laugh enough last year?
• How far are you in your spiritual life?

The list can be exhaustive, so find your own and smile because someone is grateful for meeting your path.

Few years ago, I decided to keep my focus on the good deeds and all good things that happened during the year to channel my goals for the next year.
I know you may think “Yeah you also need to see the negative part”.
Yes you can, but I chose not to relate much on the negative to prepare my plan, it’s only going to bring remorse to your life instead of you enjoying the fullness of it.
You will find yourself in a circle of guilt, thinking that you need to do something to erase what happened; then, you will miss marvelous things that are on your way this year.

Let go of the past and move on!

You can’t change or erase what went wrong, but you can make your future bright by staying positive and establish positive goals for the years to come.
I have set myself goals for this year, some of them are things I enjoyed doing last year and would like to do again. They are mostly simple and don’t cost a fortune.

visit at the orphanage
visit at the orphanage

For example: My children and I joined the church group for a play day at an orphanage, we brought some food stuffs and it was great! they really enjoyed it.
We also donated clothes, shoes and toys that we don’t use anymore for the inner city and people we know that are in need of them.
I may treat my babies to a very classy restaurant, why not this valentine’s day!
Or a few weeks’ vacation will do us good.

I usually check around my town for beautiful and family get away sites and you will be amazed how many places you can explore around your city or even all over the country. They are not too costly and may just be hours driving to. So why not!
The working mother may have a lot on her plate, but do have some fun times included in your plan, take time for yourself and your loved ones.

Dare yourself

What is that thing you would like to do but you are afraid it may not work, dare to do it!
Dare to enjoy every day with new ideas.
Dare to say NO to things you don’t like and to people who hurt you.
Dare to love again and feel free to say I love you, I appreciate you, I thank you, I am sorry as much as you can.
Dare to ask, give and share more than before.
Dare to say “I don’t care and it doesn’t matter” to those who try to pull you down and talk behind your back.
Dare yourself to a better you this year.

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