I cried my last tears

by Nathalie Zulu M.

Loving you has taught me to be strong in the face of adversity.
I learned to dream when all seemed dark.
Out of love,
I sacrificed, gave, forgave,
I was patient and tolerant.

Yes, I learned more than “I love you” more than promises.

Beyond the gifts and words,
I learned to read the lines,
I learned to see beyond what you wanted and chose to show me.

I let my tears flow freely,
Broken by the pain,
Disappointed by your actions,
I couldn’t believe your words.

My heart completely drowned in the river of my tears reached the terminus.
Yes, from the pain, you taught me to be strong.
I controlled myself despite your words,
I learned to respond to your actions with an inner peace.

I cried my last tears yesterday.
Picked up the mop,
Cleaned all the traces of waves left by your love,
And closed my door to the pain, lies, unfaithfulness, your absences and your false promises.

Yes, you have not only taught me, but you forced me to love you no more.
I cried my last tears over you yesterday!

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