By Nathalie Zulu M.

My heart
Heart and Love

The secret of my heart lies in my eyes,
If you can see it, then you can have me.

Many are looking and have not seen,
Some have seen but could not comprehend it,
Other just ignore the signs…

The brave sees, and grabs.
The stubborn remains clueless

The irony is that,
All are deceived
So fooled by it.

When life puts you in a corner

Today’s topic is quite a story; I hesitated to publish it yesterday, but finally, I decided to go with it.
I read something on Marriage Today’s Facebook page, which says:

“The enemy will do anything he can to put you in the bedroom before you get married.
And he will do everything he can to keep you out of the bedroom after you are married”
~Casey Caston~

The above quote has caught my attention, as up to now I have never seen things in that way.
This made me think of a couple I know from Kinshasa. The wife’s story has inspired me so much, especially at the time I was going through similar experience.

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Notes: When you are in love, thinking right is the least of your priorities.
We only see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear.
Completely blinded by our feelings and dreams; then when the reality hits our door, waking up becomes sour and bitter.

I have loved and I have trusted I have given and I have sacrificed
I have seen with my heart and I have believed
But now, I THINK…

The day I met you…

By Nathalie Zulu M.

All was quiet,
The sun was at its best
In the midst of a multitude
I made my entrance

Like strike by a lightning
My eyes could not shift

I can’t say how I felt
Neither can I explain what happened
I lost my words for seconds
And rushed to sit at the back
Running away from the moment

I caught my breath
And remained silent for a while

Questions popped in my head
Who is he?
Did he see me?
What is he doing here?
Will he talk to me?
Will he look at me?
O my God!
I am losing it

I was shy in my tender age
Then thought, no!
Not now!
I can’t be shy

Like a game shifter
I found myself next to you
We talked for a while
I listened to every words
Carefully captured details
What a bel homme!

It was fun
Instructive I will say

If only I could frizz the time
And make it last for ever
Of course No

The sun wasn’t pleading on my favor
It is late
With a heavy heart
will take my leave
holding in my mind
that pure light skin
those long fingers
and that shy expression of yours
hoping that
We will meet again

Focus on me

By Nathalie Zulu M.

Bring my world to your world,
Undress my heart, make it yours
Like the morning,
Give a new story to my life

Treat me like a queen,
Make me feel special,
Let me from far hear your praises and songs.
Make me yours.

Take my hand,
Treat me well,
Don’t look around,
I am here.
Just me, just yours.

Desire me,
Hold me,
Entertain me,
Make me lose myself

With boldness, arise.
With strength and might, fight.
With love, take me;
And make me yours forever.


By Nathalie Zulu M.

Enter the mysteries and secrets
He has spoken
He has shown
Have no fear
No doubt,
Take the vision
Run with it.
There is no shadow
Waves are gone
Turbulence flee
See clearly

And enter the mysteries and secrets
Touch the untouchable
Speak the unspeakable
Run the race
And win.
The vision is here
Make it yours
With no shadow
Waves are gone
Turbulence flee
See it clearly

Yes, enter the mysteries and secrets
Do the unthinkable
Do the incredible
Run the race
And win
The word is here
Make it yours
No trace of shadow
Waves are gone
Turbulence flee
See clearly

Insights, yes insights
The entrance into mysteries and secrets
Yes, The Lord has done it again.

Notes: Insight is based on the message for the month of March given by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to the Believers’ LoveWorld during the Holy Communion Service.
This morning when meditating on it, words were going through my head and I thought writing down something in relation with it.
So enjoy and be blessed.

Being a woman

By Nathalie Zulu M.


Woman, an adult female human being as defined by most dictionaries.

Being a woman comes with attributes, a sense of duty, qualities and virtues; many have defined a woman by her qualities: Virtuous, loving and caring, helper, devoted, persevering, courageous, seductive, inventive, curious, kind, and the list goes on and on.

I always said, women have been created with special gifts. We have the ability to adapt to different situations and remain calm in the face of adversity.
Naturally able to think, act and bring innovation. We see what others don’t see. We look for opportunity, seize them, bring up ideas and inspire others to do the same.

When dealing with life issues, family, kids, business, job or ministry, we become strategic, no distraction is allowed. We keep our focus on what we are doing until we reach the result expected.

Mothers and daughters
Mothers and daughters

A woman doesn’t boast her ego; she humbles herself and is opened to learn from others.

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman” Simone de Beauvoir

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