This year I am grateful for my children

Years after years I have seen you growing.
We have been together from the time I realized your presence in my womb.
Days after days, weeks after weeks and months after months we have known each other.

From your day one in my arm, I have looked at you with love.
I cared for you and protected you
When you cried, I jumped like a super hero to the rescue
And when you smiled it was like angels dancing to the sound of joy.

Since I have you, my world has become a concoction of happiness, joy, drama, scares, worries, hopes and laughter.

During these past years, we have felt each other pain and fear
I learned to be strong because of you,
As my deepest fear was the fear of losing you.

We have been together through ups and downs and we made it till today!

And I am grateful for that!

To my God

Oh how I love you!

Faithful and merciful God
You have set your eyes on me and have never let me down.
All the way from the beginning I have seen your works
Through the bad time, you reminded me to be strong
You taught me to appreciate life with what I have
And be happy with those around me.
You made me a mother, a great and wonderful mother

For that, I am so grateful!

To my daughter

My first born, my sunshine
You have transformed my life
Each day with you is a time for me to learn more of what it is “to be a mother”.
We became best friends and no one has shown me support like you do
You have seen my painful moment

You were there when I cried out my sorrow
Even when I tried to hide it, you somehow knew it
So young but mature, I am so proud of you

And being your mother is what I am grateful for!

To my son

My love,
My water when I get on fire
You are for me a peace maker, always quiet but observant
You have such questions that challenge my motherhood
And you are not reluctant to say when something bothers you
Your kisses, hugs and compliments make my day
And I am always looking forward to receive more from you.

For your love, I am grateful!

To my adopted son

You are one of my beautiful achievements
In you I see hope, happiness, and possibilities
You made me realized that forgiving is easy
And that loving is a lifestyle
All the funny moments you have brought have added more beauty and shine to our home
Your progress has made me so proud

For you my boy, I am grateful too!

Hebrews 13 vs 5 “Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what. Who or what can get to me?”

Moving on

Turn your back to the pain
Forget the betrayal
Escape from the abuser and advance
Tomorrow has more to offer.

Step by step without wandering
Break the yoke of sadness
Press toward the sunshine
And forget the shame you wore for a long time.

Address yourself with respect
Talk your way to higher heights
Believe you’re going to make it
And you will surely make it.

Life brings you everyday a new tune
Choose the song to go with it
Take the most of it
And make your own story.

Dream and create
Build and achieve
Smile and be grateful
Because you are still alive!

I was Here…

By Nathalie Zulu M.

Another night sitting on my couch,
Expectant but worry
Thinking in the quietness of my home
As all were asleep
I said
Will he come?
Will he call?
Will he answer?
Will he say it?
Expectant but worry
And a day and a night
Same music playing in my head
Am I dreaming? No!
It’s another night sitting on my couch
Expectant but worry
Thinking in the quietness of my home
As all were asleep
I said
Will he come?
Will he call?
Will he answer?
Will he say it?

I was there
I was there
And a day and a night
The same old music playing in my head
Am I dreaming? No No!
And I said
He won’t come
He won’t call
He won’t answer
He won’t say it
I cried loud my pain
Ripped my voice from inside
Torn my heart into pieces
Am I dreaming? No no no!
Quietly I said again
He won’t come
He won’t call
He won’t answer
He won’t say it
Not another day nor another night
I opened my door, stepped out and breathed deeply
Till I vomited my pain and let out of my cries
Then he,
He came
He called
He answered
He said it
It’s not my fault, I was there days and nights
Expectant but worry
I opened my heart and you didn’t step in
I was broken and you didn’t look back
But he,
Stepped in, pulled me up
With a smile he said
A flower need to be watered
A broken heart need to be mended
And you, need to be loved
He took it all
Yes he came
He called
He answered
He said it
It’s not my fault, I was there.


By Nathalie Zulu M.

Enter the mysteries and secrets
He has spoken
He has shown
Have no fear
No doubt,
Take the vision
Run with it.
There is no shadow
Waves are gone
Turbulence flee
See clearly

And enter the mysteries and secrets
Touch the untouchable
Speak the unspeakable
Run the race
And win.
The vision is here
Make it yours
With no shadow
Waves are gone
Turbulence flee
See it clearly

Yes, enter the mysteries and secrets
Do the unthinkable
Do the incredible
Run the race
And win
The word is here
Make it yours
No trace of shadow
Waves are gone
Turbulence flee
See clearly

Insights, yes insights
The entrance into mysteries and secrets
Yes, The Lord has done it again.

Notes: Insight is based on the message for the month of March given by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to the Believers’ LoveWorld during the Holy Communion Service.
This morning when meditating on it, words were going through my head and I thought writing down something in relation with it.
So enjoy and be blessed.


By Nathalie Zulu M.

I woke up this morning
Knowing that I made that step
But I felt so bad.

I tried to convince myself,
I tried to reason
Thinking, it’s only for a while,
But I felt so bad.

I recalled those moments,
I cried knowing that
It could have been worst.
But still, felt bad.

Why! Why!
Tell me why!
Why I can’t or I shouldn’t?
Now I am confused.
Still, I am feeling bad.

Feelings can be killers, they tend to push you away from your destiny.
After hard times and emotional breakdown, decisions can be confusing and most of the time we feel like shutting down everything and be left alone.
Yes it’s good but, don’t remain in that stage for long, you are just killing yourself.
pick up the broken pieces and throw away the ones you don’t need, and with the rest, rebuild your life with stronger structures, which are God and love. Family, friends and your career are a plus to not neglect.

I cried my last tears

by Nathalie Zulu M. Continue reading “I cried my last tears”


Close to the heart
Big in the eye
Wanted but so mysterious
Complex and so rich
Many has fallen
Others have mastered
But some are still searching.
Great words have been spoken,
Wonderful stories have been heard,
But still,
We hear the cries of broken hearts.
A mystery that only two live
And share passionately.

By Nathalie Zulu M.