The virtue of patience and silence
confuses lies,
for truth is revealed.

Notes: Don’t fight to get it out, time has proven that truth will always reach his course.
Rest assured!


By Nathalie Zulu M.

My heart
Heart and Love

The secret of my heart lies in my eyes,
If you can see it, then you can have me.

Many are looking and have not seen,
Some have seen but could not comprehend it,
Other just ignore the signs…

The brave sees, and grabs.
The stubborn remains clueless

The irony is that,
All are deceived
So fooled by it.



Notes: When you are in love, thinking right is the least of your priorities.
We only see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear.
Completely blinded by our feelings and dreams; then when the reality hits our door, waking up becomes sour and bitter.

I have loved and I have trusted I have given and I have sacrificed
I have seen with my heart and I have believed
But now, I THINK…