Serenade of Hugs

What a day! Thinking of all the hugs collected so far.

I know you may ask, is there any hugs challenge? What am I talking about?

Yes, as small or big as they come; in the morning, noon, afternoon or late at night. Just hugs!

There were times I wanted one, even the smallest but I couldn’t get it.
There were times I wanted it from a specific person, but no, I didn’t get it.
And there were times I got it unexpectedly from a friend, family, colleague, even from a stranger, I mean someone I barely know.

But here, my serenade comes from my biggest admirers, those who fill my days with drama, joy, happiness, hard work, smile, tears and prayers.
They can enlarge my lips with a smile and tighten my face with anger at the same time.
The ones who can make me laugh and cry.
They are my morning joy and my heartfelt prayer at night; my endless motivation throughout the day.
They are a mixture of complexity and simplicity in every way.

I hope you will agree with me that hugs are special gifts and can be used at any time, any day and for any mood.

My serenade of Hugs

It starts in the morning, that warm and tender hug to say hello! How was your sleep?
Then one before leaving, wishing each other a wonderful day with hope to see you later.
Another to say welcome back! How was your day?
And one more to say good night, sleep tight!

But in between comes

The “thank you hug”, for a new pair of shoes, a new set of clothes or a new pencil case to replace the one they misplaced and can’t find any more.

The “I am sorry hug”, whenever they acknowledge their mistakes and misbehaviors and are willing to do right next time.

The “I love you Hug” when feeling emotional.

The “get well soon hug” to give you hope.

The “bobo healer hug” that calms you down when you hurt yourself.

The “don’t worry hug” for every bad dreams, fears…

And the “I missed you hug”.

Hugs are great to encourage, secure, motivate, lower your temper and express feelings.
My serenade of hugs is an endless symphony. It’s a beautiful melody to start the day and so lovely to finish up the day.

Children are good example of the power of hugs; they give hugs without questions and are so expectant to receive one.
Give as much as you can, at any time, to anyone who needs it and may you receive so many hugs that you will have no room for stress, worries, pain, anxiety and insecurities.

Love and Big hug to you all.

Note: • A “bobo” is children word to express a wound, cut, scratch or pain. It is used in French language.

The day I met you…

By Nathalie Zulu M.

All was quiet,
The sun was at its best
In the midst of a multitude
I made my entrance

Like strike by a lightning
My eyes could not shift

I can’t say how I felt
Neither can I explain what happened
I lost my words for seconds
And rushed to sit at the back
Running away from the moment

I caught my breath
And remained silent for a while

Questions popped in my head
Who is he?
Did he see me?
What is he doing here?
Will he talk to me?
Will he look at me?
O my God!
I am losing it

I was shy in my tender age
Then thought, no!
Not now!
I can’t be shy

Like a game shifter
I found myself next to you
We talked for a while
I listened to every words
Carefully captured details
What a bel homme!

It was fun
Instructive I will say

If only I could frizz the time
And make it last for ever
Of course No

The sun wasn’t pleading on my favor
It is late
With a heavy heart
will take my leave
holding in my mind
that pure light skin
those long fingers
and that shy expression of yours
hoping that
We will meet again

Focus on me

By Nathalie Zulu M.

Bring my world to your world,
Undress my heart, make it yours
Like the morning,
Give a new story to my life

Treat me like a queen,
Make me feel special,
Let me from far hear your praises and songs.
Make me yours.

Take my hand,
Treat me well,
Don’t look around,
I am here.
Just me, just yours.

Desire me,
Hold me,
Entertain me,
Make me lose myself

With boldness, arise.
With strength and might, fight.
With love, take me;
And make me yours forever.


By Nathalie Zulu M.

I woke up this morning
Knowing that I made that step
But I felt so bad.

I tried to convince myself,
I tried to reason
Thinking, it’s only for a while,
But I felt so bad.

I recalled those moments,
I cried knowing that
It could have been worst.
But still, felt bad.

Why! Why!
Tell me why!
Why I can’t or I shouldn’t?
Now I am confused.
Still, I am feeling bad.

Feelings can be killers, they tend to push you away from your destiny.
After hard times and emotional breakdown, decisions can be confusing and most of the time we feel like shutting down everything and be left alone.
Yes it’s good but, don’t remain in that stage for long, you are just killing yourself.
pick up the broken pieces and throw away the ones you don’t need, and with the rest, rebuild your life with stronger structures, which are God and love. Family, friends and your career are a plus to not neglect.


Close to the heart
Big in the eye
Wanted but so mysterious
Complex and so rich
Many has fallen
Others have mastered
But some are still searching.
Great words have been spoken,
Wonderful stories have been heard,
But still,
We hear the cries of broken hearts.
A mystery that only two live
And share passionately.

By Nathalie Zulu M.

Have yourself a positive year

First Monday Thoughts. Continue reading “Have yourself a positive year”


Let all that you do be done in Love. ( 1 Corinthians 16:14)
Let all that you do be done in Love. ( 1 Corinthians 16:14)

Today I have some notes about love.
I still don’t know how to call my style but I keep on writing. I will easily accompany this one with a background music, very slow with emotions.
So feel free to leave a comment.

LOVE , Poetry #1

by Nathalie Zulu M.

What is love?
It’s the sound of my heart beating fast every time I see you

What is Love?
It’s me losing control of my senses whenever I am around you

What is love?
It’s me flying every time I smell your perfume

What is love?
It’s the feeling of belonging to your world

What is Love?
It’s when you hold me tight in your harms and whisper I love you
And I fall every time.

What is Love?
I will ask and ask again what is love?
It’s you around me, you in my heart, you in my veins, you stuck in my mind
What is love?
It’s your smile, your kisses

What is love?
It’s the sound of you, me and passion

What is Love?
It’s like a tattoo engraved on my skin that I can’t get rid off

What is love?
It’s me saying no but my body says yes
The more I resist, I find myself taken by the waves

What is this love?
It’s the lack of sleep whenever you are not here with me

What is Love?
It’s the pain, the stress, the agony when I can’t have you

What is Love?
It’s seeing you in the hands of another
Tormented, lost by your silence

What is love?
It’s when no one can hear my cries, no one can feel my pain and no one can help me
Even when it hurts, I still love you

Really what is love?
It’s you and me
This is Love.

Song by Veronika Bozeman : “What is Love”

Love is beautiful when you are surrounded by people you love and those who care for you.
I appreciate every gift of life with love and will not take it for granted. I will cherish every moments I spend with my friends and family. Like an angel who brings a message I will bring joy, peace, happiness into lives and showing to the world how big a woman’s heart is and how much it can contain just with love.