This year I am grateful for my children

Years after years I have seen you growing.
We have been together from the time I realized your presence in my womb.
Days after days, weeks after weeks and months after months we have known each other.

From your day one in my arm, I have looked at you with love.
I cared for you and protected you
When you cried, I jumped like a super hero to the rescue
And when you smiled it was like angels dancing to the sound of joy.

Since I have you, my world has become a concoction of happiness, joy, drama, scares, worries, hopes and laughter.

During these past years, we have felt each other pain and fear
I learned to be strong because of you,
As my deepest fear was the fear of losing you.

We have been together through ups and downs and we made it till today!

And I am grateful for that!

To my God

Oh how I love you!

Faithful and merciful God
You have set your eyes on me and have never let me down.
All the way from the beginning I have seen your works
Through the bad time, you reminded me to be strong
You taught me to appreciate life with what I have
And be happy with those around me.
You made me a mother, a great and wonderful mother

For that, I am so grateful!

To my daughter

My first born, my sunshine
You have transformed my life
Each day with you is a time for me to learn more of what it is “to be a mother”.
We became best friends and no one has shown me support like you do
You have seen my painful moment

You were there when I cried out my sorrow
Even when I tried to hide it, you somehow knew it
So young but mature, I am so proud of you

And being your mother is what I am grateful for!

To my son

My love,
My water when I get on fire
You are for me a peace maker, always quiet but observant
You have such questions that challenge my motherhood
And you are not reluctant to say when something bothers you
Your kisses, hugs and compliments make my day
And I am always looking forward to receive more from you.

For your love, I am grateful!

To my adopted son

You are one of my beautiful achievements
In you I see hope, happiness, and possibilities
You made me realized that forgiving is easy
And that loving is a lifestyle
All the funny moments you have brought have added more beauty and shine to our home
Your progress has made me so proud

For you my boy, I am grateful too!

Hebrews 13 vs 5 “Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what. Who or what can get to me?”

Moving on

Turn your back to the pain
Forget the betrayal
Escape from the abuser and advance
Tomorrow has more to offer.

Step by step without wandering
Break the yoke of sadness
Press toward the sunshine
And forget the shame you wore for a long time.

Address yourself with respect
Talk your way to higher heights
Believe you’re going to make it
And you will surely make it.

Life brings you everyday a new tune
Choose the song to go with it
Take the most of it
And make your own story.

Dream and create
Build and achieve
Smile and be grateful
Because you are still alive!

The day I met you…

By Nathalie Zulu M.

All was quiet,
The sun was at its best
In the midst of a multitude
I made my entrance

Like strike by a lightning
My eyes could not shift

I can’t say how I felt
Neither can I explain what happened
I lost my words for seconds
And rushed to sit at the back
Running away from the moment

I caught my breath
And remained silent for a while

Questions popped in my head
Who is he?
Did he see me?
What is he doing here?
Will he talk to me?
Will he look at me?
O my God!
I am losing it

I was shy in my tender age
Then thought, no!
Not now!
I can’t be shy

Like a game shifter
I found myself next to you
We talked for a while
I listened to every words
Carefully captured details
What a bel homme!

It was fun
Instructive I will say

If only I could frizz the time
And make it last for ever
Of course No

The sun wasn’t pleading on my favor
It is late
With a heavy heart
will take my leave
holding in my mind
that pure light skin
those long fingers
and that shy expression of yours
hoping that
We will meet again

Way to Happiness

Many men and women tend to take their partners for granted, that’s a huge mistake! Let wake up and understand that works need to be done from both sides in order to live and enjoy the all of our partners.
Women have the ability to adapt to any situation, to be patient and understanding, to endure, even to compromise and all because of love. Most of the time we forget our own happiness, cover mistakes and settle for less than what we dreamed for.

Happiness starts with you lady!
Not with your relationship, not with your job, not with your money but with you.
It comes from within not from a man.

Learn to love yourself, treat yourself well. Your beauty is from inside but remember people first come in encounter with the outside.

Like a flower, discover my beauty.
Like a flower, discover my beauty.

How you present yourself, the way you speak, your smile and attitude will determine whether or not to approach you and have any kind of relationship. So be smart enough to give to yourself the attention, respect and love you wish others to give you.
Spoil yourself time to time to a good movie, a nice restaurant, a local/ international trip, and why not a makeover just to WOW some people.

Trust me, as a single mother I have been too busy spoiling my children and at the end when came the night I felt like I wasn’t happy. I blamed my children’s father for a long time until I realized after ready a lot on relationships that I am the sole owner of my happiness. I started changing the routine. I sometimes go out dinner or to concert with a sister friend of mine and the first time I went to the movie alone was last August, I felt it weird but seeing that I wasn’t the only single person in the theatre made me realized what I was missing all the years going for kids movies.

By the way I watched * Bad Moms* It was so hilarious, I laughed so much that I could feel something different within me. Even my children could see that I really enjoyed that movie night out.

Always remember that your happiness is a must in relationship whether you are married or not. You need to keep your partner feeling wanted but also feeling the need of you. Spoil him with things that can’t be bought like your time, love and respect. Be a good listener, attentive to his need.

I read something from a Facebook page that I want to share with you. A sad reality that most of men don’t realize until it’s too late.
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When a man doesn’t know how to respond to your love and attention it gets hard to be happy in the relationship. He shouldn’t let you guess his feelings for you.
A man who doesn’t fight for you isn’t worth fighting for. Stop investing your emotions for a man who is playing guessing games with you and act like he cares less whether you are in his life or not. If he can disrespect, cheat, starve you of time, attention, commitment and you still stay loyal to him, you’re teaching him to never value you, because he can neglect you and still get your all. A real man won’t put himself in a position to lose you.
When you are in a relationship take time to listen not only to your man’s words but also be attentive to his actions they tell you more than the words coming out of his mouth.

Do not settle for someone treating you less than you deserve to be treated! If they don’t see your worth, value, beauty inside and out, it’s their loss!
You deserve a relationship with someone who doesn’t make you compete for his affection and never has you question your position in his life.
You are a woman someone is praying for.